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Interective Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response- what are you being looking for? Do you need DTMF, hunting for voice recognition IVR which doesn't call for human attraction, or the inputs which can be taken by pressing phone/mobile buttons or speaking out the options presented by system? At VoxLeaf you can get this all just a click away from you which includes payment processing, Personal or Business Exchange, Surveys and all.

IVR solutions are the pre-recorded voice prompts and set of choices to make available updates, information or options to callers, and touch-tone handset keypad access to collect replies. Contemporary IVR way outs also allow key in and answers to be assembled by means of verbal words with voice recognition. IVR solutions facilitate customers to get back information together with bank statements, departure program, manufactured goods facts, order standing, Movie timing, complaints and other from any cellular phone. Furthermore, IVR solutions are progressively more used to situate outbound calls to distribute or congregate information for whereabouts, precedent unpaid bills, and added time serious events and actions. To deal out and accurately influence an IVR solution productively, a business requests to reflect on the subsequent:

Our Technology

  • iPhone & iPad : Line of Internet & multimedia facilitated devices intended & promoted by Apple Inc.

  • Android: Software heaps for mobile devices that comprise an operating structure, middleware and input applications offered by Google.

  • Blackberry : A contour of mobile email & smartphone devices extended by Research In motion

  • Microsoft Mobile: Microsoft's utterly redrafted Mobile Operating System

  • HTML5 & CSS: Hottest consistent version of HTML to hold up the most recent multimedia & smartphone applications

From mobile apps to mobile-friendly sites and responsive design, we get a hold of it. Look forward to obtain wireframes and clickable designs further of the coding.